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Green Evolution's Carbon Neutral Food

Green Evolution proposes a service for all business and food industries who want to innovate and increase their competitiveness in domestic and foreign markets. They are given the opportunity to reduce / offset the carbon footprint of their production and promote climate neutral products using the CO2 Neutral Seal certification scheme.

Using the most recognized methodologies and the most reliable tools Green Evolution calculates all carbon dioxide emissions from each stage of production and propose a credible plan to reduce / offset them.

After that the CO2 Neutral Seal Certification Scheme issues a certificate, certifying that the above process is valid that enable transparency and permits the traceability of actions so that they are clear and easily checked.

A food company that has a carbon neutral product:
  • Contributes to tackle climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and creating a "green" corporate social responsibility
  • Reduces production costs due to implementing energy conservation practices, reducing inputs and waste minimization
  • Differentiates their food products compared to other similar products on the market and covers the corresponding demand from 'green' consumer
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