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Green Evolution's Green Restaurant

Green Restaurant is a business that gradually reduces its carbon footprint under a sustainable development plan and then, for any reduced level of carbon footprint that achieves, offset the remaining part by buying an equal amount of carbon allowances.

In this way the company makes its overall business
climate and environment friendly since the reduction of carbon footprint but also its offset, helps to alleviate the problem of climate change and reduce its impact on the environment.

The benefits of the Green Restaurant

Deciding to make your restaurant Green, will pay out in several ways:

1. You will save money by reducing energy and water.

2. You will improve the environment of the eating and work area, both for customers and staff.

3. You can differentiate your business as being one of the first companies, if not the first, which is committed to sustainability, climate change mitigation and environmental protection.

4. Your actions will create a significant difference seen by any third party by
a. reducing greenhouse gases
b. reducing direct and indirect energy consumption
c. reducing or removing toxic or harmful chemicals that escape into the sewer system
supporting local producers and organic farmers

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