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Green Evolution's Training Course

Green Evolution provides specialized education services for company executives on matters of the carbon market. Within these services Green Evolution has created two seminars that can be taken either together or independently of each other.
The first seminar (Seminar CM1) contains an introduction to the basic concepts of the carbon market, while the second seminar (Seminar CM2) contains a detailed report on the carbon market targeted at brokerage and composite products. The seminars are implemented inside the interesting company (B2B) and refer to a maximum of 15 people each time.

Seminar CM1

Introduction to Climate Change
Introduction to Flexible Mechanisms of Kyoto Protocol
Cap-and-Trade schemes
• European Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS)
Basic principles of CDM & JI projects
Roles and products of the carbon market
New areas in the carbon market
• International Developments in the carbon market
Post-Kyoto: Tools and Perspectives

Seminar CM2

Tools and platforms for buying and selling carbon credits
How the price of carbon credit is configured
Analysis of supply and demand for carbon allowances
Correlation between energy prices and carbon
• EU ETS market: dynamics and price
• CER market: dynamics and price
Effect of air and sea transport in the carbon market
• Strategy development investment portfolio of carbon
Management of a portfolio of carbon credits

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