IMIC 2011

The 7th annual IMIC focused on the importance of the food experience. Presenters and participants explored ways to better package travel products to showcase, front and centre, a destination’s wide array of food offerings and excellence in gastronomy.

The theme of the conference was "Valuing the Food Experience" and in five presentation streams explored:

- using culinary identity to market and brand
- combining authenticity and innovation
- the networks and communication of gastronomy on the Web
- operational considerations for food and culture tourism
- delivery of sustainable, quality experiences.

The final session brought speakers from all five streams together in a plenary session with audience interaction as we "collaborate for success". The aim of the conference was to raise awareness and understanding about the growing importance of the food experience in tourism for all stakeholders: the destination, the tourism related businesses, the local producers and even all those not directly involved in the food or tourism industries.

Dr. Ioannis Pappas, CEO of Green Evolution was one of the main speakers.

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