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Integrated Services for Carbon Neutrality through CO2NS Scheme

First Introduced Integrated Services for Carbon Neutrality in Greece in 2010 (www.co2neutralseal.com). In 2010, Green Evolution released the CO2 Neutral Seal as a Quality Assurance Mark/Label for a carbon neutrality (green) claim and, or for, a carbon offsetting procedure.

CO2 Neutral Seal is an innovative range of fully-transparent, high quality and reliable carbon management services, for greenhouse gas emissions created from corporate or private IT usage, events, and business operations. The certificates that are being issued are generated based on holistic approaches, while the offsetting process is supported by high utilization of Renewable Energy projects from which the offsetting is done, along with proof of the retirement that can be traced and verified.
CO2 Neutral Seal is a new holistic GHG Management approach which leads to a Certification label for CARBON NEUTRALITY. This innovative approach ensures and certifies that the climate and environmental goal set by the client has been achieved by the implementation of (implementing) the most common and internationally accepted approaches and methodologies.
Implementing the full methodology, the CO2 Neutral Seal certifies both for the appropriate accounting methodology that allows the accurate, consistent and transparent way of emissions calculation of the carbon emissions and for their offsetting procedure.