Designing Sustainable Forest Landscapes: REDD+, Industrial Forestry and Food Security, FI (Helsinki, Finland 9 - 25 August 2011)

Helsinki Summer School is a three-week academic event organised every August by the universities in the Helsinki area.The course has three main themes:

  • Biological production and its modeling to enhance sustainable management of forest ecosystems to mitigate and adapt to climate change, generate environmental services, and produce an efficient supply of forest resources.
  • The landscape design and management of forest ecosystems to adapt to the challenges of climate change and comply with the efficient provision of forest products without decreasing the level of the environmental services and aesthetic values of forest landscapes.
  • The valuation of products and services from forest ecosystems in economic and non‑economic measure to understand the stakeholders' needs and obligations. Valuation could make it possible to organize forest resources in a way that increases the welfare, efficiency and legitimacy of forest resource management.

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